Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We go to the theater, one of more times recently than we went for all the years when money was tight. After all, when you are getting from one credit card bill to the next, the last thing you want is an extra charge, plus the cash cost of babysitting to go along with it. So, now that we are back to doing this, I find myself thinking about the cost of things--because, ultimately, everything does have a cost. The question is what benefit that cost gets you...

The costs of going to the theater are time and money. But those costs come with the benefits of laughter, and entertainment, and perhaps a different way to think.

The costs of having children include dollars spent on diapers and preschool and gadgets and college, and the spending of time in ways you otherwise might not. But those costs come with the benefits of extra love, extra points of view, and extra people to entertain you when you really need it.

The costs of working in soaps were long hours, time my kids were spending with other people, and stress about making it to the next level or another genre. But those costs came with the benefits of pride in a product, great career training, and a lifetime of good friends.

The costs of working in news may include an uncertain schedule, a 24/7 mentality, and the challenge of knowing too much about too many news stories. But those costs come with the benefits of shows that don't get cancelled, more awareness of the world, and new skills to be learned.

The costs of living life sometimes include confusion and exhaustion and heartbreak. But those costs come with benefits too numerous to list...

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