Sunday, January 29, 2017

Binge Blogger

I am not a binge watcher. Despite the newish trend in that direction, give me a few hours, and I will likely choose to run 55 errands or catch up on my sleep. But in light of the newish trend, and of the fact that I have, this weekend, fallen woefully behind on this blog, I will be attempting a little binge blogging.

As with binge viewing, binge blogging takes a certain amount of time, and a certain amount of attention--I'll admit, both challenging for me. After all, there are always other needs swirling around. But if my kids can settle in for ten episodes of their favorite, or soon-to-be-favorite, shows, surely I can settle in for just a few blog posts.

When I began the blog, there were all sorts of hours--hours between churning out new and different resumes and cover letters, hours between the coffees I had to keep myself in circulation and the bus I met because I was now around for my kids. And there were all sorts of stories to tell. Each day, and often each moment of each day, I was adjusting to a new part of unemployed life--logistically, financially, and psychologically.

What I have discovered over these last few years is that, while the drama may be different, if I pay attention, there is always a new story to tell--each day, and perhaps each moment of each day--even when I don't pause to tell it. All those shows that are binge-watched keep coming up with new stories, and I suppose I do the same, simply with a slightly different focus and a slightly different pace. 

So, thus begins my weekend blog binge. Binge-read them or not--like a good show on Netflix (and perhaps longer than a good show on Netflix), they will be there.

And here we go...

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