Monday, January 2, 2017

The Mom Stays In The Picture

I am the photographer (albeit not a great one). I am the organizer, the family documentarian, the "make sure it gets done" person. I am not "in the picture." I am outside of it.

I read a post this week saying essentially "when you are gone, all your family will have is pictures of you. And they will want those pictures of you. So, just be in the picture--whether your hair is perfect or not, whether you are the weight you want to be or not, or whether you have put on makeup, or not. Just be in the picture."

I spent more time "in the picture" this week. Hair flying, makeup left untouched in my travel bag, far from my best weight, but I was in the picture.

We can wait for the best moments, the perfect circumstances, the way we would like things to look. Or we can make sure we are part of the picture that is. So that when we can't be in the picture any more, we will have evidence we were there. So that when we are gone, the people in our lives have every overweight, hair flying, no-makeup image of us they possibly can.

We can be the photographers, the organizers, the people who make sure it is done right. But sometimes, we can just be there, in the picture. Which is how it will really be done right.

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