Sunday, January 1, 2017


After a life of being good, but not necessarily the best, accomplished, but not necessarily sought-after or famous, I always wanted to do something about which people would say "ooh" and "ahh." Something that others might not imagine being able to do themselves, but that I was actually able to do. And, to a certain degree, I found that in this blog. For, while there was nothing so earth-shattering about writing a blog, there was a sense that writing daily--making time, as well as coming up with a topic and with words each day--was, in fact, a big deal. So, while I have, perhaps, enjoyed my "pause," I find that I have missed that slightly superhuman feeling of everyday writing.

We spend so many of our days being simply human--doing the work of just getting along, just getting things done--that there is little time left over for anything beyond human. And most of the time, human is enough. Doing our jobs, raising our kids, giving a little to our world--all of these keep us not just busy, but productive. But when we can add just a little bit of "superhuman," whether by creating something new or by going beyond what we thought we were capable of, we can be more excited about all the moments of "simply human." 

Sometimes, "superhuman" isn't about being the best, or the most exciting, or the most important. Sometimes, "superhuman" is less about what it looks like to others than about what it looks like to ourselves.  

Sometimes, "superhuman" is simply about flying a little farther than we thought was possible...

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