Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Produced By

My son has the vision of doing everything out of town that he can't do at home. I didn't create his vision, but I work to make it a reality.

My daughter writes a play and schedules rehearsals for it. I did none of the writing and none of the scheduling, but it will be up to me to make sure the rehearsals can happen.

My whole "crew" would like to eat, and has a variety of thoughts on what and when and how. It is up to me to say "yes" to some ideas and "no" to others. And to, with or without help, make sure dinner is produced.

My kids have school break homework due as soon as they are back to school. I may not read the books or write the papers, but I check in, and push along, and usher to completion.

I have, from time to time, thought that I was much more of an editor or associate director, or even a director, than a producer. During weeks like this, however, I am reminded that producing is much like what I do daily--anticipating, supporting, managing the how and the how long and the how much. Did I generate all the ideas and plans? Perhaps not. But without my jumping in for the "produced by" role, the ideas and plans might have remained just ideas and plans, rather than activities done and deadlines met. Because ultimately what a producer does is help turn hopes into realities, which is kind of what I did. So this week, I can say, was "produced by" me. And I have both the vacation smiles and the loaded backpacks to prove it.

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