Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Can't...But I Can

I can't make there be job offers...but I can keep building my bag of tricks for offers that come.

I can't make things all better at school...but I can help my kids have the skills to handle the good things and the bad.

I can't keep from getting knocked down...but I can make sure I get back up.

I can't stop time...but I can try to make the most of it.

I can't be what I'm not...but I can work toward being what I'd like to be.

I can't make my apartment look as though one very tidy person lives in it...but I can get cleaning help from the four other not-so-tidy people who do live in it.

I can't write The Great American Novel...but I can write every day.

I can't control everything...but I can control how I react to a lot of things.

I can't protect each child from every little thing...but I can be there to talk through the little things and the big ones.

I can't do it all...but, as it turns out, I can do a lot.

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