Sunday, March 8, 2015

Step By Little Step

My son poured out the tiny pieces of a new Lego set--close to 200 of them, of assorted shapes and colors, most looking like nothing in particular. An hour later, having gone page by page through the instruction booklet, we (yes, he let me help!) had created a tiny little kitchen that included a checkered tile floor, a coffee maker, a sink with a faucet, and an oven containing a tray of cookies. Who knew that you could create what really looks like a coffee maker from a few tiny little pieces?

As we finished, and I examined our work, I thought about how, page by simple page, the instruction book had taken us from a pile of pieces to this new creation, almost unimaginable when just looking at the pieces. So often, we expect to have things all laid out for us. We expect to see the finished product before we start working toward it. I suppose that here we did too, as we had the picture on the set box. But in that hour of creation, we simply followed the steps and let our creation evolve. And the results were truly amazing. It reminded me that sometimes, it feels good just to go step by step, to trust that we will get to the end, even if we can't quite see what the end will be. We won't always have an instruction book, but we can still follow small steps to get to a big result. Sometimes, the result is a major event. And sometimes, it's simply a tiny coffee maker made out of little plastic bricks.

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