Friday, March 6, 2015

What's New Today?

Though I worked at the same place (ABC/One Life to Live) in the same job (Associate Director) for a very long time, I can honestly say that each day was different. It wasn't just that I rotated between days "in the booth" (coordinating cameras and taking edit notes while the show was being shot), "in the online" (doing show fixes and assorted show paperwork), and "in the edit" (editing full shows and screening them with the EP). I also worked on a production team that included directors and producers so different in their approaches that the same production day in two different directors' hands could turn out as different as, well, night and day (right down to the time of night or day when we wrapped).

When I went out into the big wide world, I referred often to "the lovely combination of production and editing" that I'd had there, a combination that I was fairly sure I would never find again. I haven't found it. But what I have found is that just as I did and learned something new there every day, you really can do and learn something new every day in just about any place you are. Some days, for me, it is a new editing shortcut. Other days it is a snippet of literature from my kids' homework. Still others, it is a revelation about how to work with a new person or a new team. And on all of these days, learning something new lets you finish the day feeling as though you accomplished something.

My ABC/One Life to Live days are long gone. But one of the best things about them--the days varied enough to keep it fresh--can still inform my life. As long as I keep my mind open, and I keep asking, "What's new today?"

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