Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Means and Ends

I meant to have work that was satisfying and challenging and interesting, and by and large, I ended up having that.

I meant to work as much as possible while still being there for my kids, and I ended up being there some of the time and just meaning to other times.

I meant to learn more, teach more, be more, and as things begin and end, maybe I am ending up doing that.

I meant to make choices, but sometimes I end up having them made for me.

I meant to say "no" when it was necessary, and "yes" when it was necessary, but sometimes, I've ended up confused about what was necessary when.

I meant to use every hour, but some days have ended with me not knowing where all the hours went.

I meant to take every opportunity, but I ended up not seeing some of them until it was too late.

Sometimes, the things we do are a means to an end. Sometimes, the "means" and the "ends" are so far apart, we barely recognize them. And things just end up how they do. No matter what we meant.

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