Sunday, October 16, 2016

I Will Never

I will never be a size 2, but I will never give up hope of someday wearing skinny boots.

I will never be one of those people who seems to be everywhere, when nobody can possibly have the time to be everywhere, but I will be there for as many people and adventures as I can.

I will never be young again, but I will keep trying to feel young, no matter how old I am.

I will never be a movie star, or a bestselling author, or a concert clarinetist, but that's okay, because I never really expected to be any of those things.

I will never be comfortable taking cabs too much or taking trains too late, but I will not stop moving.

I will never get used to overcrowded subways and overdark sidewalks and overcooked eggs, but I will manage them all if that's what I have to do.

I will never forget, even if I don't quite remember, where I've been and how I got to where I am.

Perhaps we should "never say never." On the other hand, perhaps a little acceptance of "never" is just what we need to get to "someday."

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