Saturday, October 8, 2016

Little If's In A Big World

If the smoothie is delayed by homework, and places to be, and not enough time, does it taste better when you get it?

If the cup of coffee happens not when you get up, or when you have breakfast, but when you are just starting to wilt, is it the richest cup of coffee you ever had?

If you read a book not during every commuting moment, and not because you are trying to finish it, but because it lets you escape into its world just when you need to, is it the best book you ever picked up?

If you spend a day without hearing "Mom!" or "I need" or "Could you...," does it make you happy to do anything for anyone when the voices return?

If you live without, manage alone, adapt to anything, do you appreciate what you get, when you get it, just a little more...?

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