Saturday, October 29, 2016


I wonder sometimes how I ever did the math I did in high school and if I did, why I don't remember it now.

I wonder sometimes why I've gotten certain opportunities and not others, accomplished some promotions and not others.

I wonder sometimes how actors memorize all those lines and scientists know all those formulas and kids remember all those wacky things they remember.

And then I suddenly figure out making a moving graphic I never could before.

And then I am trained on a new machine or in a new technology, and I actually feel that, with practice, I could master it.

And then I cook something, by recipe or by improvisation, that I actually enjoy eating and would happily eat again.

And I realize that we are all still teachable, if we are willing to learn. We can all still accomplish if we are willing to try. We are all still able to experience the new if we can loosen our grip on the old.

I wonder--is this what they mean by "teachable moment?"

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