Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What Goes Around...

For most of the time I worked in soaps, I was part of a rotation. As a PA, as an AD, and as an Editor, I worked as part of a team, alternating where I'd be, and what hours I'd work, on any given day. I worked with people who arranged their lives months in advance to conform to the rotation, and were intent upon keeping it regular. As for me, I never much cared whether the rotation was altered. As long as I could manage a handful of personal events, I never minded doing multiple long days in a row. And if rearranging my schedule would allow me to work with a director I particularly liked or on an episode I wanted to be a part of, all the better.

Fast forward all these years, and I am still living the irregular life. I am part of a different kind of rotation, and my days and hours of work change from week to week (and sometimes from day to day). I wonder, is it that same ability to handle, even embrace, irregularity that has allowed me to survive what have been up and down years since my soap life? While I give up a planned life, does the irregular rotation of things keep me present and on my toes--almost like a scheduling version of crossword or sudoku?

For now, I know that just when I think I am following the rotation, it will change. But after so many years, I guess I'm used to it. I suppose, in an odd sort of way, what goes around just keeps going around...

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