Thursday, December 29, 2016

When I Said...What I Meant...

One of the tricky things about words--spoken or written--is the power they have to convey what we'd like them to--AND what we'd rather they didn't.

For example, when I say I am so full from dinner, I don't necessarily mean I won't want dessert.

When I say I am perfect for the job, what I likely mean is I really WANT the job.

When I say "pause," what I probably mean is "permission for a pause."

When I say "we'll see," what I mean is "no" and "yes" and---oh, we'll see.

But, when I say I'll be there, I'll be there. Unless something pretty significant happens.

And when I say I can't, it's because I really can't.

Because most of the time, when I say "I'm not sure if I can," I mean that I will do enough scrambling to make sure I can.

And most of the time when I say "I'll try," I really mean "I'll make it happen."

Words can be a tricky thing. So, we best be sure that we say is pretty close to what we mean...

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