Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beating The Clock

I am a deadline driven person. While I am fairly diligent in general, there is something about a due date on the calendar or a follow-up email that pulls it together for me. The tricky thing is, all of the dates and emails tend to come at the same time, meaning that almost all the time, I am faced with a finite amount of time to accomplish a seemingly infinite pile of projects.

So, how do you find more time in your time and generate more results than seem actually possible? Believe me, I am no expert, but I've learned a few things...

1. Blast through the easy stuff early, and quickly. When you're up against a deadline, there's no room for the little stuff, whether that's emptying the dishwasher or taking a shower or answering emails.

2. Trust your alarm clock. It may not seem like your friend when it wakes you in the dark, but it is your best ally in finding more time in your days.

3. Accept that there will be pain. Giving up doing what you want may be no fun, but finishing what you need to because you gave up a little here and there is well worth it.

4. Focus. Focus harder. Shut out the world. Not easy, especially when, believe me, the world is quite eager to join you. It won't be forever, and the world will still be there when you're done. Really, it will.

5. If you need an extension, ask for one. I can't tell you how many times I've raced, only to find out that I could have had a few extra days. You're rarely the only one with a busy schedule. Use that fact when you need to.

6. Do your best, and then let it go. Belaboring one deadline project will just put you up against the deadline for the next. As I used to announce when I AD'd, "moving on."

Hard as I've tried, I have never succeeded in stopping time to give myself more wiggle room to "do it all." The key to meeting deadlines is not changing time. It's simply changing your relationship with time--in other words, beating the clock.

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