Monday, February 16, 2015

Tomorrow Today

My daughter performed in a production of Annie this weekend. She was not Annie. Despite her smallish size, she was not an orphan. She was one of the maids at Oliver Warbucks' house (And an apple seller and a New Yorker on the side.) It was a short production--just a handful of rehearsals and a few shows. Yet, in that short time, she learned as many new things about performing as she has in some of her longer experiences. It reminded me of some of the short gigs I've worked. Sometimes, it just takes the urgency of something short...

1. You haven't got much time to make a good impression--so the impression you're making starts the minute you walk in the door.

2. If you don't learn it quickly, it won't matter if you learn it at all, because the whole thing will be over.

3. When it's short-term, it just about has to be front-burner. Why bother, unless you really want to show how well you "cook?"

4. Enjoy it while you can, because when you blink, it will be over. (And if you've enjoyed it, and people can see that, they will be more likely to invite you back!)

5. Take away as much knowledge as you can. Not only will it work your learning muscles to operate at that pace, it will prepare you for learning even more when you have more time.

6. Let yourself be sad when a short gig is over, but remind yourself to be grateful that it happened.

7. Appreciate the long gigs for the security they have to offer.

8. Take a bow. You've kept up, you've grown, and whether you've been up front every minute or not, you've done something that mattered. Which is really the best thing you can take away from any gig, no matter how long or short.

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