Friday, February 20, 2015

That Little Risk

Sometimes, I am very cautious--not applying for a job because my resume doesn't match the description closely enough, not making a phone call whose outcome I can't predict.

And then I look at my kids, who audition alongside hundreds of other kids, who try a game or a claw machine just one more time, because, hey, you never know, and I am reminded of all the times I stuck my neck out just a little farther and saw something great, took a leap and actually got something out of it. When you are a grown-up, perhaps you can't take every risk. You still have to be able to put food on the table and be there for people when you need to be and come out of things with a good reputation. But, as my kids remind me, there's still room to try, still room to explore, still room to believe in one-in-a-million chances. You probably are where you are now because of some risk along the way (wasn't my getting a job at OLTL right out of college one of those one-in-a-millions, and didn't everything else, including this blog, essentially follow from that?)

Perhaps there's more risk in taking risk now, but one thing hasn't really changed--you'll never discover much of anything without taking, at least once in a while, that little risk.

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