Monday, November 14, 2016


I spent years wishing I'd be discovered--discovered as a brilliant writer, discovered as the director or producer or editor that every production would want, discovered as the mom of the year, or the most dedicated volunteer, or the newest whatever...

And then somewhere along the way, I stopped looking to be discovered, and started just to do what needed to be done. And instead of being discovered, I discovered...

...that writing has its own value, published, or paid, or not.

...that being wanted everywhere doesn't matter as much as being needed somewhere.

...that being the perfect mom isn't as important as being the evolving, learning, adapting mom.

...that being asked to go somewhere becomes less important when you are happy right where you are.

...that being the best might feel good sometimes, but being just good might be plenty most of the time.

...that being "the toast of the town" might be exciting, but being "the mom on the couch" might be way more comfortable.

...that sometimes, being the one who discovers can be just as satisfying as being the one discovered...

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