Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Taken By Storm

Facebook reminds me that four years ago, we were camping out with relatives because a storm had rendered our neighborhood powerless. The powerlessness reminds me of the job in a not-powerless part of town that I managed to get to, no matter how far and how slowly I had to travel. That job reminds me of all the times when desperation suddenly gave way to an opportunity out of the blue. Unexpected opportunities remind me of the path that landed me on a sitcom that led to other sitcoms. My landing on a sitcom reminds me of how I unceremoniously had to leave a job I'd done for so long. The job I did for so long reminds me of friends and adventures and holiday parties and holiday episodes. Holiday episodes remind me of Halloween costumes worn early for production and on time for reality. And Halloween costumes remind me of the year, four years ago, when my neighborhood postponed Halloween, because of a storm and some powerlessness.

Never underestimate how much who you are now is a product of all the times that have led to now. Remember those times, and you will understand yourself just a little better. Feel both the wins and the losses, the strengths and the weaknesses, and you will stand just a little steadier. One thing may lead to another, but it is when we appreciate where we are led that we can appreciate where we have ended up.

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