Wednesday, November 9, 2016

If Now Were Then

(Begun to reflect on how years change things, but finished realizing how just hours change things...)

I think often about how my life would look if the NY soaps had never ended or the CT soaps had never happened or my entry to news has never occurred. And on a day like today, when I am working many hours to cover this historic election, it's hard not to wonder what the election would feel like from a chair in a soap control room. Would we be barreling on through 60 scenes, barely even aware that something momentous was happening? Or would we stop periodically to check the progress, even if it slowed the momentum of our day?

So, on a day like today, when I was on line to vote at 6 so that I could head to a more than a double shift of living the events of the day, I guess I am glad that things fell the way they did, so that I can be involved in a way I never would have been. I guess that sometimes, the changes in your life land you in places you might never have gone, and you discover...

...ok, it is now the last hour of my 18 hour day, and with the way things are going, perhaps I'd rather be thinking about sitcoms and soap scenes. Would I have felt better being oblivious? I don't know. But we move on. And I guess that is the message here--we're always moving on in one way or another. If we're lucky, we move on our feet, no matter how much we are battered. And we just keep moving...

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