Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Today I Can

I return to my son's school with his forgotten gym shirt because, after years of working too many hours or too far away to be able to, today I can.

I work overnights because, despite not being a post-college kid with a body accustomed to all-nighters, today I can.

I snuggle with my kids or discuss their day much later than they should stay up because, after nights when I wasn't here or wasn't awake enough, today I can.

I buy things on sale that I may or may not really need because, after times of unemployment when I counted pennies, today I can.

I walk when I don't see a bus coming because, after days of sore feet and twisted ankles, today I can.

I schlep groceries to events and groceries home because, after times when I couldn't get to any events or couldn't get anywhere but straight home, today I can.

I help make breakfast and lunch for kids who have proven they can actually do it themselves because, after days of working overnight and not even seeing them at breakfast and lunch-making time, today I can.

Yesterday is yesterday, and tomorrow, who knows. Today, I do, because today I can.

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