Thursday, November 10, 2016

Numb Is Not Enough

I thought about not writing today. What could I say, when I could barely feel? What could I write that would be smart enough, sensitive enough, relevant enough? So, I thought about not writing at all--just taking a break, allowing the dust to settle. But how, I thought, would I get up? If I allowed numbness to envelop me now, how would I emerge from that numbness a day from now?

So, I write, because we should never stop expressing how we feel.

I write, because we should never stop moving, simply because the road has become bumpier or our legs have become tired.

I write, because I see how others' words have helped me.

I write, because if we allow ourselves to create, we can break through the numbness.

I write, because in holding fast to what matters to us, we have a chance to accomplish something that matters to others.

And I write because numbness doesn't move us forward, stop our tears, or make us stronger.

And when attempting to stay not washed up, that's no way to live.

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