Friday, November 25, 2016

Red Cabbage In Jars

It's an odd food to mention in the midst of this food-filled holiday. But somehow, it popped into my head. It was one of a series of foods that I had never encountered in my southern suburban upbringing that I learned about running errands for my very first boss. There were types of lettuce far from the iceberg I knew. There were pieces of meat and fish specially cut and wrapped, and tiny jars of caviar with price tags I couldn't even fathom. It was an education in food and in New York City. It was many years ago, but it made an impression that lives to today.

I'm not quite sure why this came to mind today--perhaps it was being surrounded by food, or thinking about old Thanksgivings back in soap days, or simply pondering the paths I've walked--on the Upper West Side and beyond. Back then, a day might include tracking down (without benefit of the Internet) groceries I'd never heard of before and calling actors with call times and script changes. I suppose the days now are no less varied. I am just a little more aware of exotic vegetables and no more likely to buy expensive delicacies. These days, I'm doing grocery errands for my family rather than for my job. But there are (thank goodness) still new discoveries and still new challenges. The days of "red cabbage in jars" may be unforgettable memories. But the items I find today help me create new memories. For Thanksgiving Day and every day.

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