Saturday, December 10, 2016

And We Persist...

I read this week that Tainted Dreams, an independent soap opera about a soap opera that was created and produced by some of the best soap people (and friends) I know (and for which I had a small post-production role) will begin a run on Amazon Prime come January. It is exciting. It is hope-affirming. And it is the result, I'm sure, of not just hope, but a whole lot of hard work and persistence over a long period of time.

For, you see, it has been a couple of years since the show was made. The great-looking, cleverly written episodes were viewable online a while ago, with the hope (both for the genre and for the number of people it might employ) that they would go farther. And after a period of time during which this did not happen, it would have been easy to believe and accept that it was just a moment in time, a time that had passed. Now, that is not the case.

This news of the week was a reminder that it is never too late to believe in what you have done, and never too late to keep fighting for what you want to happen. Life--work-wise or otherwise--doesn't always happen on the schedule we'd like. So, it is up to us to persist when it is important, and to hold on to the belief that something can happen, even when the evidence may not always back us up.

Congrats to all the talented and dedicated soapsters who made Tainted Dreams a reality, and one that will be seen on Amazon Prime in the new year. Kind of gives new meaning to "tune in tomorrow," doesn't it?

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