Sunday, December 18, 2016


My smartphone, the source of countless pieces of information in my life, declares quite definitively that it will rain all day (but it doesn't).

A series of texts tells us quite clearly that the times won't work out (but they do).

The always advancing clock reminds me quite firmly with every number change that there will never be enough time (but I find some).

The theater apps keep me informed quite excitedly about all the shows I would like to enjoy but may never have the time and money to see.

The alarm rings quite insistently, until it becomes so annoying that I ignore it or decide that I can alarm myself just fine, thank you very much.

The social media sites foist upon me, quite regularly, the news and opinions I might be better off not hearing.

It will rain all day, and there won't be enough time or peace or money or sleep. I wonder--my smartphone has a lot to say. But is it so smart after all?

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