Thursday, December 22, 2016

Work Ethic

In my early days at One Life to Live, when I still had four alarms so as not to be late for 7am rehearsal, I believed that you were meant to show up for work, ready to play, unless you were completely unable to do so. I, in fact, felt so strongly about this that it took a producer telling me to go home, and stay home (I had bronchitis) to make me miss any days of work. 

Perhaps it was about the money--after all, as a freelancer, I didn't necessarily get paid for days missed. But most of the time, it had more to do with the work ethic. Changing my regular work pattern would mean that other people would have to pick up the slack. Not doing my job fully and completely would let people down.

My work ethic has not changed all that much in twenty-something years. I still show up, I still try not to make things harder on anyone else. These days, however, it doesn't take a producer to pull my strings. These days, I am more likely to take care of my own needs. These days, I recognize that work ethic is not just about being there for everyone else. It's about remembering to be there for yourself as well. So, maybe my work ethic hasn't changed, but I would like to think my M.O. has. And that that is a change that is for the better. For work and for me.

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