Thursday, December 8, 2016

In Transit

Yesterday, I saw a musical by this name. Billed as the first a capella Broadway musical, the show was remarkable in its use of both voice and space. It was particularly resonant for a New Yorker who experiences the challenges of city transportation daily. As I continued to think about the show, however, I began to realize that my takeaway was more than just awe at the musical creativity or the remarkable set. Many of us in the city ride the train or the bus to get where we're going, and I suppose that unites us. But what unites us even more is the fact that we are all "in transit" not just on wheeled conveyors from Point A to Point B. We are, constantly, "in transit" between the stages in our lives. Even on days when it feels as though everything remains the same, we spend each moment taking steps toward our next "station." And on days when we are actively trying to change things, we face interruptions and delays, and doors that close right in front of us. Yet, we forge ahead.

Often, a trip to the theatre is about escaping our own story, even if just for a few hours. Today, I was reminded that the trip can also be right back toward our own story, complete with the journey on which our story takes us every day.

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