Thursday, December 15, 2016

Shameless Promotion

Among the biggest challenges of my post-soap, freelance life, has been the need for self-promotion. I have never been good at tooting my own horn, and no amount of resume revision or LinkedIn updating really makes that easier. I have been fortunate to end up with a series of interesting gigs, but the hustle required in between them has been, shall we say, more than slightly taxing.

So, today, as on most other days, I prefer to do a little "shameless promotion" rather than "shameless SELF-promotion." My friend and former soap colleague Leslie Nipkow has written a book (not so surprising, as she was a soap WRITER) about the wide variety of things that have happened in her life. Read just a few words, and you will realize, as I have, that she is a fighter (in more ways than one), and a humorist of sorts, and an inspiration. And if you pre-order her book today--YES, TODAY--you will help her to help the book really get off the ground and into the hands of so many people who will be entertained and inspired by it.

You can pre-order through this link
You won't be sorry.

If only shameless self-promotion were as easy as shameless promotion. Ah, well--this is a lot more fun...

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