Saturday, December 17, 2016

Oh, Yeah. That's Me.

I go from a holiday party to work, then race home, on no sleep, and back to work for a gift exchange. It is insanity. But as I make my way home again when the events are all over, I realize that they are events slightly reminiscent of previous holidays. As far back as high school, I had late nights making gifts and tired arms transporting them. For years at ABC, I immersed myself in the holiday season, working long hours on the Christmas Reel, spending many days wrapping and delivering gifts, and dressing for the series of holiday festivities.

The last few years have brought quieter holidays, with fewer connections beyond my family. Yet, in that moment after the last day of holiday running, I saw the "me" who, once upon a time, lost track of time and energy when the holidays had to be celebrated. In that moment, I remembered the "me" willing to immerse herself in the spirit of the season, or, for that matter, in the spirit of anything worth doing. Sometimes recently, I have thought that "me" might have been lost forever. But sometimes, what is lost is just a little lost. And sometimes, forever turns out to be a lot shorter than you realized.

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