Sunday, February 12, 2017

And...Snow Day

Following the hourly weather forecast in the middle of the night is a funny thing. But when you go to work in the aftermath of a sixty-degree day, not a flake in sight, there is a certain fascination...

By the time I was heading home, it was clear the weather service had done well--wet snow, low visibility, slow going. I had actually anticipated an extended work day--after years of One Life to Live when people hadn't been able to make it in, I was sure I'd be spending my day cutting snow feeds from all over and texting with my kids about Mac and cheese. Instead, I was heading home, as if on a normal day--sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

It is not so easy to sleep with a house full of people.

There were people reveling in the non-normal of a snow day, people wanting to do, to talk, to see. And there was me, just wanting to sleep. Which I didn't. And then did. And then didn't.

It's amazing how quickly we make a new normal normal. For me, an empty house and a morning nap have become my normal, as much as early wake-ups and school are for my kids, as much as early to bed for early morning work once was. And when normal is interrupted, as on a snow day, it can make for euphoria, or it can make for exhaustion. This time, for me, the exhaustion won out.

I have spent too many years living with the excitement of a snow day not to be intrigued each time one becomes a possibility. But I hope it's a while till the next one. This "new normal" me is still recovering.

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