Monday, February 6, 2017

From A Different Angle

I may be frustrated with my latest goose chase. But it's hard to stay that way when I find myself staring across the water at the Statue of Liberty.

Out my high floor window, I can see rain and police cars and slow-moving traffic. But I can also see the moon on a clear night and fireworks on a summer Sunday.

The kitchen is full of dirty dishes and pots and pans to be scrubbed. But my belly is full of my husband's latest gourmet meal or my daughter's newest baked goodie.

My days (or nights) are consumed with hours at work and traveling to and from. But when I want to treat myself or one of my kids, I don't have to count the pennies.

I've lost a number of jobs over the years, due to cancellations, and non-renewals, and work politics. But I wouldn't be where I am or who I am now if I hadn't lost what I had then.

Life can look all sorts of ways when you see it from a different angle...

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