Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Fine Print

Courtesy of my daughters and social media, I took the ankle express in search of a Broadway deal. Problem was, when the ankles reached their destination, I found that all my planning and walking were for naught, as the deal was limited to days that were completely impossible for us. Note to self--"next time, read the fine print."

Now, a long walk in the city on a nice day is not a terrible thing. Given the nature of my day-to-day life, which includes sleep deprivation and around-the-clock meals, a little back door exercise is actually a gift. So, the day's misadventure was simply that--a misadventure. A waste of time, perhaps, but no disaster.

Our lives are full of fine print potholes. If we are not careful, we can end up blowing both time and money because we haven't read the fine print. We want so much to believe the big print that we are off and running before we've checked the facts. Sometimes, like today, our omission results in a little side benefit, like some unscheduled exercise. More often (including, I'll admit, some moments today), the result is disappointment, and frustration, and the feeling that the world is not quite what we thought.

Today's theater deal was not meant to be--it was an endeavor shattered by the words I didn't bother to read. Next time, I'll make sure that even on a tiny handheld screen, I read the fine print.

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