Sunday, February 5, 2017

By Definition

Fuzz keeps you cozy--but also has to be cleared from your head before you go to work.

Rest is a welcome respite from all you do in your day--but is also the bunch of stuff still left to do.

Watch means you can sit back and observe--but is also the thing that keeps you on a schedule.

Fix can make things better--or it can stack things against you.

Editing is supposed to highlight the best stuff--but sometimes requires losing some of the good stuff.

Stuffed may mean chock-full--but sometimes it leaves a person uncomfortable.

Socks cushion your path--but can deliver a tough blow.

Done offers a feeling of accomplishment--but may end up leaving you exhausted.

A start is sometimes just a beginning--but sometimes, it's the fright of your life.

Thread can often fix a tear--but even more often, it is what keeps you connected to your past and future.

By definition, words are not always what they it's important to keep looking for meaning...

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