Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Little Help

Parenthood can be hard--ask any parent. Sure, there are all the "aww" and "wow" moments, but on a day-to-day basis, there are decisions and crises and advising and cooking for and cleaning up after moments that could, if you're not careful, easily obliterate the "aww" and the "wow."

Thankfully, as a parent, you are not all alone. You have other parents with whom you can exchange stories of decisions and advising and cooking for and cleaning up after. Sometimes, however, even more important are the non-parents in your life who step in and say "hey, wait a minute--look at it this way."

Now, I am not always a fan of advice from people who haven't been in the trenches I've been in. When raising children, though, I've been finding that it's not so terrible to take help from outside the trench. People outside the trench can see ahead a little farther than you can. Sometimes they can anticipate what you're too deep in the trench to have thought about. They can react from a place of quiet at times when all you hear is noise.

It's  not our fault that we get caught up in the decisions and advising and cooking for and cleaning up after--we just do, and most of the time, that's our job. But when we accept a little non-parental help, ultimately we can do better for our kids and for ourselves. We can see a little farther, plan a little more. And then enjoy the "aww" and the "wow," just the way we're supposed to.

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