Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cole Slaw and Catch Up

There was actually no cole slaw at our house today--no summer salad of any kind--it just strikes me as the quintessential Labor Day food. And while I am a member of a union (along with many of my former OLTL colleagues, not currently union-employed), and while I was impressed to see how many people posted union-related items on Facebook, Labor Day at our home ended up being not very much about union labor (or cole slaw), and a whole lot about catching up. Labor Day is one of the last chances to finish summer homework and to start packing the school bags. Labor Day is a day to reminisce about the summer and to look forward to the school year, to put away and to take out, to clear out, to catch up, to buckle down.

Did we succeed in any of our Labor Day labors? Well, summer homework is nearly complete. Reminiscing continues, and looking forward is creeping in. And while the school bags haven't yet been packed, there has been some clearing out, and the beginnings of putting away. Just as union labor is something that may be celebrated on one day, but really comes into play all year, I am realizing that Labor Day is not this miracle day on which all can be done. It is really just a day, sometimes (but not always) complete with cole slaw, to take a few steps and make a little progress.

And I guess if that's what it's all about, we have Labor Day'd pretty well.

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