Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Different Morning

It would have been an early morning. A baseball game first thing, cleaned uniform, ready to play, edge of our seats. But it was not meant to be. The playoffs ended early, and not in our favor. No disaster, just a different morning.

It is not the first time that a morning, or a day, has turned out differently than expected. From the mornings after a job ends to the mornings when school is off-schedule, we have become used to managing change. Sometimes, the change leaves room for new experiences and adventures. Sometimes the change opens our eyes to sights we never would have seen. A different morning can leave us off-balance, not quite sure of what to make of the bright light and the day ahead. It's not always easy to put aside expectations and patterns. But jobs change. And seasons end. And days are not quite the same. But we manage. We move on. And we learn to get past what we have lost and embrace what we have gained.

It was a different morning than we expected. And it turned into a different day than we could have imagined...

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