Friday, June 3, 2016

Creative Juices

Sometimes, it feels as though all of our creative juices have seeped away, into the daily tasks and the mundane responsibilities. We wonder what happened to the sparks we remember having, to the projects we recall creating, to the magic we're sure we once made.

Yet, every once in a while, we are called upon to do a little something, lend a little expertise, solve a little problem. And we agree, whether we have the time or not. We jump in, whether we feel completely confident or not. And, lo and behold, we find that not only have we done, leant, and solved, we have also restarted those creative juices. While we were paying attention to endeavors other than our own daily tasks, we allowed--even encouraged--our creative juices to flow. We took time that we may not even have had, and we emerged freer, stronger, and, most important, reminded that we still have the creative juices--we've just been forgetting to use them.

It's easy to think that our creative juices have dried up--the hard work of life can leave anyone a little dehydrated. But when we allow ourselves to reach a little, search a little, and drink in what we can, it's amazing how quickly those juices come flowing right back.

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