Sunday, June 12, 2016

Venn We Look Closer

The hours of work and the hours of home may fill separate circles, but there is overlap in what the two give us.

The lists of what we want and what we need may fill separate circles, but if we are lucky, there is overlap between the two.

Our interests and the interests of our children may seem to exist in different circles, but if we are flexible, and have taught them to be flexible too, there is common space that we share.

Our favorite people may seem to exist in different spheres of our lives, but every so often, a few drift into more than one.

There can be so much disconnection, but when we look closer, it turns out there is a great deal of connection as well.

Sometimes, it seems hard to reconcile the pieces of our lives that just don't seem to fit together. But when, as in math classes from our youth, we lay them out in their separate places, we find that they overlap much more than we realize. In the Venn diagram of life, we find the pieces we share and those that we are not as different as we thought. It may sometimes feel like too many different plates to spin. But Venn we see them together, they make up the well-rounded people we really are.

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