Monday, June 13, 2016

What I Did For Love

Do I enjoy baseball because I love the game or because I love the child who's playing it?

Do I consume the meals I do because I love the food or because I know it's good for me?

Do I love the snacks I do because they're good for me or because they help the stress?

Do I do the work I do because I love the work or because I love the paycheck?

Do I love a paycheck because it buys me things or because it buys me purpose?

Do I love purpose because I want to do something good for the world or because I just want to do something?

Do I love doing for the whole wide world, or do I just love doing for my own little world?

Do I love where I am in space and time, or do I love that I can just feel a bit landed in some space and time?

When they sing it in "A Chorus Line," it seems so simple. Not easy, perhaps, but simple. What do I, or any of us, do for love? It depends on the day. And upon how much of ourselves we are willing to give over to "doing for love."

Perhaps someday, I will know exactly what I do for love, perhaps so clearly that I will do only for love. In the meantime, I'd better keep kicking. Because even if don't "do it for love" every time, whatever "it" is still has to be done.

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