Sunday, March 26, 2017

Didn't...And Did

I didn't see the last performance.

I didn't enforce the "going to bed by," the "taking away of," the "eat everything, or."

I didn't read enough, exercise enough, call family and friends enough.

I didn't calm it all, fix it all, or make it all better.

I didn't use every hour, conserve every resource, make the most of every minute.

But I relished family dinner. 

I walked with my kids and talked about their lives.

I learned or did something new most days.

I offered a hug or an opinion when I couldn't offer a solution.

I slept when I could, cleaned when I had to, covered as many of the bases as possible.

We can beat ourselves up about what we don't do or haven't done. Or we can celebrate all the things we have chosen, done, accomplished. Which would you rather hear about...?

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