Sunday, March 5, 2017

When We Change

Do we change when people say we should?

Do we change when a job, or job opportunity, demands it?

Do we change when we embarrass our kids, or when we miss them?

Do we change when we want to do better, or simply when "the same" isn't working anymore?

Do we change for ourselves, or for others?

Do we change on purpose, or by accident?

Do we change with big events, or little ones?

Mostly, we change at the most unexpected times, for the most unexpected reasons, in little bits as much as in broad strokes. And one day, we wake up and what used to be "yes's" are now "maybe's" or "no's," what used to be "just like me" is suddenly "nothing like me."

When do we change? Now, and five minutes from now, and pretty much every minute of every day. And we just hope that it is change for the better...

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