Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why I Do It

After seeing a show with me this week, my daughter remarked, "THIS is why I do theatre." Perhaps it was the music, perhaps it was the story, or the statement the show made about society. For whichever, or all, of these reasons, it spoke to her, and confirmed a love that she already knew to be real.

We spend many hours every week doing things that are necessary or required or beneficial. But how often do we feel such attachment to what we are doing? How often do we have that feeling of "this is why"?

I could argue that my daughter's statement is that of someone much younger than I, with fewer obligations, and more brain and heart space to feel so strongly about her direction. Yet, I choose to see her statement as a reminder to me, and to all of us, no matter what age, that there is always room to think about "why," to ask "why," and to recognize "why" when we see it. There may always be jobs and tasks and assignments and errands that we do "just because." But every so often, or even more often than that, we should make sure we know, and say out loud, "this is why I do it."

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