Saturday, March 4, 2017


I was always impressed with the location scouts that One Life to Live used when we were planning a remote. In an era pre-smart phones, they came back with folders of pictures that created a panoramic view of a potential location, complete with all sorts of logistical information that producers and directors would need for shooting there.

While I have never actually done location scout work, I find that in life, there is real satisfaction in being a scout. I can "check things out," without having to commit. I can use my free moments (there may not be many, but I do like to use them) to take steps in different directions so that my husband or kids don't have to do the schlep. I can gather information and be a temporary expert. I can get my hands dirty, but not for long. And I can be in charge, in my own way. It's a little form of re-education, different each time, not to mention, extremely satisfying when it helps. 

Just another one of those random skills that reminds me how important it is to be "not washed up yet"...

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