Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Chalkboard And The Mirror

I race from work to services, eager to erase the effects of a less than perfect day. But this, I am quickly reminded, is Yom Kippur. Any erasing to be done requires a lot of reflection first, so my less than perfect day becomes just the start of reflecting on a less than perfect year...

I wonder...will feelings of confidence always be challenged by worries of failure?

Will opportunities to make a difference always be eclipsed by imperatives to make money?

Will a desire to build for the future always be crushed by the need to manage for now?

Will the intention of reconnecting always be postponed because the attention always goes to networking?

Will what feels good always take second place to what has to be done?

Will long-term plans always have to wait for short-term fixes?

Will what I can do today always depend on what I have to do tomorrow?

Will this time each year always make me feel as though I am just searching and never quite finding?

We can erase from the chalkboard, but the mirror still remains...

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