Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Year From Now

As we start to finish a week that rolls around each year, I wonder--

Where will we be a year from now? Will we be on vacation, and will we have gone to the same places in the same ways?

Who will we be a year from now? Because kids grow, and people change, and it's hard not to wonder what we will look and sound like.

What will we be doing a year from now? Will we be working at the same jobs, exploring different subjects, talking to the same people?

How will we be feeling a year from now? We we be strong physically and emotionally? Will be surer of ourselves or unsure of anything?

What will we want a year from now? Will we still be looking for the same things, or will we have moved on? Will we have new goals and different priorities?

Where will we be a year from now? Moving forward, looking back? Getting stuck, forging ahead?

As I look back over the years since I finished at ABC or the years since I began writing this blog, I see more changes than I can count. I may never be a five-year planner, but it's hard not to wonder--about a year from now...

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