Saturday, February 13, 2016

In Other Words...

I have learned a lot over the past few years about going with my gut. I have developed a sense of which posts are real and which are just a come-on. I have discovered what is impossible and what just takes a little stretching. I have learned to make decisions with not enough information and with too much.

But sometimes, my gut's just not enough. Sometimes, sitting in a room alone, puzzling over pros and cons, just doesn't get me to the answer. Which is when I call in the reinforcements. It turns out that what has grown even more than my gut over these few years is my network, and even more important, my willingness to call on that network.

It's not, you see, that other people necessarily know more, or know better. It's not that they always have ideas you've never thought of. But almost without fail, other people will say things in a different way. And almost without fail, you will hear things in conversation that you can't possibly hear in a room by yourself or in the voices from your own head.

Sometimes making decisions is about more that just the real factors. Sometimes, it's about hearing the factors in a different way. So, when I'm a little stuck, perhaps the very best thing I can hear is "in other words..."

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