Wednesday, February 3, 2016

All Things To All People

I am at drop off and pick up. I am on homework duty and laundry duty. I work for pay and I accomplish other work without pay. I am upbeat in the face of change, adaptable when I have it in me, and accepting when that's all there is to be. I am, it seems, all things to all people. Or I'm trying to be.

Sounds like a big job, doesn't it? Yet, when I break down "all things," I discover sometimes that I am really just where I want to be. I may pick up and drop off because "pick up" and "drop off" must be done, but I also do it because the walking and the talking and the touching base matter to me. I may spearhead the homework and the laundry because someone has to, but I also do because it makes me feel involved, empowered, in charge. I may work for pay because I have to, but I also do it because I like to feel it make a difference. And I accomplish things for no pay because I've learned that some of the best things sometimes come that way.

There are days when it feels as though I am trying to be all things to all people. But then I realize that the "all things" are for me too. The "all people" for whom I'm doing include me too. So, when I do drop off and pick up and homework and laundry, what I'm actually doing is staying involved in the "stuff" of life. And that's not just about being all things to all people. It's about being the best you can be for yourself.

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