Friday, February 5, 2016

Where Are They Now?

Television work being as transient (more so now than ever) as it is, you are constantly saying "goodbye" because a project ends, or a company closes, or simply because new opportunities come along, for you, or for other people. Perhaps these days, it is becoming true in other fields as well. People don't necessarily stay in one place forever, so you can spend a lot of time wondering "where are they now?"

For me, the question remains present with my One Life To Live buddies. It continues to interest me where people have landed. But as I work in more places, I have an increasingly long list of "where are they now?" When I feel as though I'm standing still, someone's always moving. Sadly, the "where's" are not always a good thing--landing in a place that works can take a long time. But sometimes, "where are they now?" is answered when I show up at a gig, only to find former colleagues there too. After a project, people may scatter, but the TV world is smaller than you think.

I have been lucky to land over and over--not always right away, but in a string of interesting places. When people have asked "where is she now," I have had a long list of answers--not always good ones, but, I suppose, ones that have continued to move me forward--whatever "forward" means on any given day.

I am constantly asking "where are they now?" It is a sign, I believe, that I have worked with people whose lives matter to me. And a sign that we're all still moving. And sometimes, in this business, remaining in motion is all you can do.

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