Sunday, February 28, 2016

Victory Practice

As I look back at the volume of tasks accomplished today, I am exhausted. Between the steps walked, and the encouragement given, and the items folded, the accomplishment--mostly of fairly mundane tasks--has been fairly wall to wall.

So, though exhausted, I walk (hobble?) out of today with a good feeling. I saw necessity, I believed I could handle it, and I accomplished.

There are many days when I see necessity, and the sheer magnitude of it simply overwhelms me. I sleep instead of doing. I stress about instead of handling, I puzzle over instead of diving in. And I arrive at the end of the day defeated rather than victorious. Today, I can say with certainty, victorious feels better. To know that you have conquered, even when all you've conquered is laundry, to know you've accomplished, even when all you've accomplished is what you had to, is a powerful thing. It means that even on a tiring day, you can finish with a good feeling. It means that in the face of life, you can feel powerful. So that, when it comes to the bigger challenges, you don't have to shrink from them--you can attack them.

It was a long, busy day, and I may be exhausted, but I am also victorious. I beat the looming "can I do it?" I beat the "do I have to?" I beat the "couldn't I just?" And along the way, I also beat the giant pile of laundry and faced the giant pile of paperwork. There will be more important battles, and far more important victories. But victory takes mindset, and it takes practice. So, no wonder I'm exhausted. It was just another day of victory practice.

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