Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ahh, Instincts

I can think things through, inside, outside, and upside down. But sometimes, it just comes down to "thinking" with your instincts.

I can do the research, do the math, do the work. But sometimes, it comes down to doing what feels right.

I can listen to my friends, listen to my family, listen to all sorts of advice. But sometimes, it comes down to listening to that little voice inside of yourself.

I can go where I need to, go where I should, go where it seems right to go. But sometimes, it's best just to go with your gut.

As we make decisions and plans and moves every day, there are all sorts of factors to consider--those that help us along, and those that slow us down, those that lead us in the logical directions, and those that take us totally off course. And then, there are our instincts...

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